Elton John's Legendary Touring Career Comes to a Close


Elton John's Legendary Touring Career Comes to a Close

Elton John, the iconic musician and performer, bid an emotional farewell to touring as he wrapped up his extraordinary 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour' with a momentous concert at Stockholm's Tele2 Arena. This remarkable event marked the end of an illustrious 50-year journey on the road for the legendary artist.

Having completed an impressive 330 shows during the tour, Elton John expressed his deep gratitude to his dedicated fans who have supported him throughout his career. After leaving the stage, he shared heartfelt sentiments, saying, "Every step of the way, my fans have been there.

They have stuck with me, they have supported me, they have been patient, and they have kept turning out for every single last show. Tonight has been magical." Overwhelmed by the experience, he admitted that it would take some time to fully comprehend the realization that he has finally concluded his touring days.

Elton John expressed his immense appreciation for his fans, acknowledging the lasting impact they have had on him, stating, "I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss the fans and how much their support has humbled me — it will stay with me forever."

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The Grammy Award-winning artist, who has been an unstoppable force since 1970, completed a staggering 4,600 shows across 80 countries.

In 2017, he made the decision to step away from touring and dedicate more time to his family, but not before embarking on one last monumental tour. During his final performance, Elton John shared a poignant moment with Coldplay, who were simultaneously performing in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Through a live video link-up, the members of Coldplay conveyed their deep admiration and gratitude for Elton John's contributions to the music industry, philanthropy, and support for causes such as the AIDS Foundation and LGBTQ rights.

Chris Martin, the lead vocalist of Coldplay, expressed the collective sentiment, stating, "Elton, from all of us here, from all the bands and artists you've helped and inspired, we love you so much... We're going to miss you so much." Elton John's extraordinary setlist in Stockholm included beloved hits such as "Bennie and the Jets," "Rocket Man," "Tiny Dancer," "Philadelphia Freedom," and "Your Song." As the concert drew to a close, the poignant notes of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" filled the arena, serving as a fitting finale.

Expressing his heartfelt appreciation and leaving the audience with a glimmer of hope, Elton John thanked his bandmates and playfully hinted at a possible return to the spotlight in the future, assuring his fans that they would be reunited sooner than expected.

As the concert concluded, a video captured by an audience member documented Elton John's parting words to the crowd: "I will miss you guys so much, but I'll see you much sooner than you think. I love you guys!" With these heartfelt words, Elton John bid a fond farewell to touring, leaving an indelible mark on the music world and the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.