Keke Palmer's Relentless Trolling: Darius Daulton Moves On

Social media drama intensifies as Keke Palmer and Darius Daulton's tumultuous relationship takes a new turn.

by Nouman Rasool
Keke Palmer's Relentless Trolling: Darius Daulton Moves On

Keke Palmer took to TikTok on Friday, displaying no signs of relenting in her ongoing trolling of her ex-partner and father of her child, Darius Dalton. This comes at a time when Daulton appears to be moving forward with his life, evident from his decision to erase all traces of Palmer from his Instagram account.

The 29-year-old Daulton expressed his displeasure with Palmer's revealing outfit and her unexpected serenade by Usher at his concert. He publicly criticized his former partner for flaunting her behind, prompting Palmer to fire back on multiple occasions.

Initially, Palmer posted a couple of photos on Instagram showcasing her outfit and even expressed regret for not capturing more. However, she didn't stop there.

Palmer's TikTok Message to Daulton

Just a day later, she uploaded a TikTok video featuring herself singing along to a hit by the City Girls, unmistakably conveying a message to Daulton.

In the video, Palmer confidently asserts, "You ain't stopping what's going on with me, sweetheart. So if you gon act up, I'm bouta link up." In the midst of Palmer's relentless trolling, Daulton has seemingly chosen to focus on moving forward with his life.

He has now completely removed any pictures of himself and his former girlfriend (or possibly ex-girlfriend) from his Instagram account. Instead, he shared a post of himself paddleboarding on a serene river, followed by a couple of Instagram stories showcasing him enjoying a thrilling ride on a dune buggy.

Palmer, on the other hand, has also taken measures to erase all remnants of her past relationship with Daulton from her social media presence. The only exception being their child, whom they continue to co-parent. As the saga unfolds, it remains to be seen how Keke Palmer and Darius Daulton will navigate their personal lives in the public eye.

For now, Palmer's trolling continues, while Daulton appears determined to forge ahead, embracing new experiences and adventures.