Dominic Fike Admits to Being High During Multiple Euphoria Scenes

Dominic Fike's Troubling On-Set Behavior Raises Concerns

by Nouman Rasool
Dominic Fike Admits to Being High During Multiple Euphoria Scenes

Renowned musician and rising actor Dominic Fike made his debut on HBO's hit series "Euphoria" in its second season, taking on the role of Elliot, a complex character entangled in the lives of Rue, portrayed by Zendaya, and Jules, played by Hunter Schafer.

However, Fike recently opened up about the challenges he faced while embodying Elliot, admitting that his approach to the character's drug use was closer to method acting than anticipated. During a candid interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Fike revealed the struggles he encountered as a former drug addict immersing himself in a show primarily centered around substance abuse.

Recognizing the potential risks, series creator Sam Levinson went the extra mile by enlisting a sobriety coach to accompany Fike on set. Unfortunately, despite the efforts to support him, Fike confessed, "It did not work."

Actor's Intoxication Challenges "Euphoria"

As an emerging actor with a primarily musical background, Fike candidly admitted to frequently being under the influence while filming his scenes for "Euphoria." Reflecting on that period, he described the extent of his intoxication, stating, "Oh my god.

Yeah, dude. I was so messed up during a lot of that show. It was really bad." Fike further disclosed that the scarcity of sober footage compelled Levinson to incorporate some of the takes in which Fike was high during the editing process.

Consequently, he faced reprimands and was even at risk of being removed from the show. Fike recalled the producers' stern words: "'Bro, you cannot be doing this.' " In the expansive interview, Fike also touched briefly upon his current state of sobriety.

Additionally, he hinted at the potential unease surrounding his reunion with Schafer, whom he dated following their initial meeting on the set of "Euphoria." Though he did not delve deeply into this aspect, his words hinted at a complicated dynamic as they prepare to collaborate once again for the show's highly anticipated third season.

Dominic Fike's revelation sheds light on the intense commitment he brought to his role in "Euphoria," albeit at the cost of his personal well-being. As he navigates his blossoming acting career, Fike's journey towards sobriety stands as a testament to his determination and growth as both an artist and an individual.