Hemsworth Celebrates Dad's Birthday in Mykonos

Celebrations and familial love sparkled in Mykonos with the Hemsworths.

by Nouman Rasool
Hemsworth Celebrates Dad's Birthday in Mykonos

Celebrating the 68th birthday of his father in style, Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth took to social media to post a heartfelt tribute to the man he considers his "mentor" and "inspiration". Hemsworth, known for his roles in Thor and Avengers, shared an intimate peek into his family's celebration, which took place in the stunning setting of Mykonos.

In a series of photos, Hemsworth and his brothers Luke and Liam can be seen basking in the warmth of family love, along with their parents, Craig and Leonie. The images captured candid moments of joy, revealing a close-knit family celebrating their patriarch’s birthday.

One particularly touching photo showcases a tender moment between his parents, in a heartfelt embrace, while another humorous image displays Hemsworth sporting a white visor emblazoned with "Mykonos".

Hemsworth's Heartfelt Birthday Tribute

The celebratory post also included a video, highlighting the family dancing joyously around a cake adorned with a sparkling birthday candle.

The actor's caption, a sweet homage to his father, read: “Happy birthday to my dad, the greatest man I know! My hero, my mentor, my inspiration. Love ya dad!” Hemsworth shared, illustrating his deep admiration and respect for his father.

The Daily Mail confirms that the Hemsworth clan has spent the past week in Mykonos, joined by fellow actor Matt Damon and his family. Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, and other acquaintances, including Luciana Barroso and Gabriella Brooks, were also part of the festivities.

Over the previous year, Hemsworth and Pataky have candidly discussed their family lives and marital relationship. Hemsworth has frequently expressed his gratitude for Pataky’s unyielding support, acknowledging her contribution to his thriving career.

In an interview with GQ, Hemsworth lauded her dedication and patience, remarking, “Her sacrifice, commitment, work, support, forgiveness – everything that she has given me over the years has been incredible. I couldn’t have done any of the things I’ve done without it”.

This celebration not only showcased the bonds of the Hemsworth family but also provided a glimpse into the values and relationships that have helped shape Hemsworth into the man and actor he is today.