Keke Palmer's Beau Criticizes Form-Fitting Outfit: 'My Standards'


Keke Palmer's Beau Criticizes Form-Fitting Outfit: 'My Standards'

In a recent incident, Darius Jackson, the boyfriend of actress Keke Palmer, found himself at the center of controversy after throwing shade at her outfit during a Usher concert. Jackson, 29, took to Twitter on July 5 to express his disapproval, stating, "It's the outfit tho...

you a mom," along with a video of Palmer, 29, being serenaded by Usher, 44. Palmer had donned a skin-tight black bodysuit with a sheer black polka dot cover-up. Facing backlash for his harsh comments, Jackson stood by his sentiments and further implied that his girlfriend's attire was inappropriate, particularly now that she is a mother.

He took to Twitter again, highlighting societal expectations and suggesting that he, as a family man, did not want the mother of his children showcasing her assets to please others. "This is my family and my representation.

I have standards and morals to what I believe. I rest my case," he wrote.

Keke Palmer Silent Amid Boyfriend's Fashion Criticism

Palmer, however, has not responded publicly to her partner's critical remarks about her fashion choices.

The couple, who started dating in August 2021, recently celebrated the birth of their first child, a son named Leodis, in February. The actress had joyfully announced her pregnancy while hosting Saturday Night Live in December 2022, humorously noting that her son's name, Leodis Andrellton Jackson, perfectly matched his February birth during Black History Month.

Sources close to Palmer revealed that she is embracing her role as a mother with blissful happiness. However, motherhood has not been without its challenges. In June, Palmer shared an incident on Twitter where she claimed that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at Houston airport threatened to discard her breast milk supply while she was traveling.

The actress expressed frustration over the lack of discretion and comfort for pumping mothers and questioned why such actions were not considered a crime. As this controversy unfolds, Keke Palmer continues to navigate her personal life and career, exemplifying strength and resilience in the face of public scrutiny.