Blake Lively Faces Criticism Over Launch of Betty Booze Brand


Blake Lively Faces Criticism Over Launch of Betty Booze Brand
Blake Lively Faces Criticism Over Launch of Betty Booze Brand

Renowned actress Blake Lively, beloved for her charming on-screen performances, recently faced the heat from her loyal fanbase following the launch of her new alcoholic beverage brand, Betty Booze. The criticism, surprisingly, has little to do with the product itself, but rather the actress's apparent disconnect from her own creation.

Lively Launches Booze, But Fans Aren't Buzzed

In a recent post shared on her Instagram profile, Lively can be seen serving cans of her new brand. The variety is striking, with several unique flavors ready to tantalize taste buds.

However, this didn't seem to excite fans as much as one would expect. The brand, named affectionately after Lively's three-year-old daughter, Betty, ironically, didn't go down well with her followers. In the caption accompanying her post, Lively wrote, "Drinking isn’t my thing.

But for f* sake, flavor is. Homemade recipes. Real fruit. Real ingredients. Quality booze." This seemingly honest admission seems to have sparked the fuse, igniting a flame of criticism among her followers. The crux of the issue was the paradoxical message she conveyed: launching an alcoholic beverage brand while openly admitting that drinking isn't her cup of tea.

This left fans questioning the authenticity of the product and the actress's endorsement of it.

Fans Question Lively's Intention

Among the sea of comments beneath her post were skeptical remarks such as, "How can you market/create a product you don’t openly consume yourself?" and "What a confusing way to promote your alcohol, by saying drinking isn’t your thing…" Fans also raised concerns over Lively’s motivations, with one commenting, "So she’s smart enough not to drink alcohol but wants people to spend their money on alcohol so she can get richer?" These criticisms harken back to a previous statement by the actress in 2021 when she publicly disclosed her distaste for alcohol, stating that she does not appreciate the way it makes her feel.

The recent launch of Betty Booze thus feels contradictory to some, casting shadows over the authenticity of her endorsement. To many, the establishment of the Betty Booze brand seems to emulate the entrepreneurial path of her husband, Ryan Reynolds, who bought a stake in Aviation American Gin in 2018.

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