Greta Gerwig: No 'Terrifying' CGI for 'Barbie' Feet"

Director Greta Gerwig's Creative Solution for Barbie's Feet

by Nouman Rasool
Greta Gerwig: No 'Terrifying' CGI for 'Barbie' Feet"

Acclaimed director Greta Gerwig recently disclosed her steadfast refusal to employ CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) in the highly-anticipated "Barbie" film. During a recent interview, Gerwig candidly shared her initial reaction upon being asked about the possibility of utilizing special effects for Barbie's trademark arched feet, exclaiming, "Oh god, no!

That's terrifying!" Gerwig delved into the behind-the-scenes discussions that took place at the project's inception, recounting how the topic of CGI feet arose. "There was a big discussion in the beginning. Everyone said, 'Are you going to CGI all the feet?'" Gerwig revealed during her appearance on Australia's "The Project," as reported by Zack Scharf of Variety.

The director went on to express her aversion to the idea, stating, "That's a nightmare... Also, Margot has the nicest feet. She has these beautiful dancer feet."

Robbie's Real-Life Ballet: Barbie's Iconic Arched Feet

In a creative resolution, Gerwig decided that Margot Robbie, the talented star portraying Barbie, would physically maintain the iconic arched foot posture by gripping onto a bar off-camera.

This inventive technique would allow Robbie's feet to remain flexed in Barbie's signature style throughout the film. Fans were treated to a glimpse of the arched feet in the movie's main trailer, wherein Barbie elegantly steps out of a pair of pink heels within her Dream House.

To the astonishment of viewers, her feet retain their graceful arch even after she has removed her shoes. However, a pivotal conflict arises later in the trailer when Barbie's feet become un-arched, prompting a horrified reaction from the other denizens of Barbie Land.

In a previous interview with Architectural Digest, Gerwig shared insights into her creative process in constructing Barbie's visually striking universe. She expressed her desire for audiences to feel immersed in the fantastical world, describing a longing for viewers to "reach onto the screen and touch everything." Gerwig hoped that the film would evoke memories of standing in a toy store, gazing at the encased Barbie dolls, and the irresistible temptation to dismantle the packaging and explore every tactile detail.

With Gerwig's artistic vision and commitment to preserving authenticity, the upcoming "Barbie" film promises to captivate audiences with its stunning visuals and attention to detail, celebrating the cherished doll's enduring appeal in a way that brings her vividly to life.