Steve-O: Jackass Forever Disappoints as Knoxville's Head Injuries Lose Appeal

Jackass Forever: A Thrilling and Controversial Box Office Triumph

by Nouman Rasool
Steve-O: Jackass Forever Disappoints as Knoxville's Head Injuries Lose Appeal

Steve-O, the daredevil known for his death-defying antics in the beloved Jackass franchise, recently expressed his disappointment with the latest installment, Jackass Forever. In an interview with NME, he candidly referred to the film as "kind of a bummer," citing a specific scene where Johnny Knoxville endured a bull charge resulting in brain damage.

Steve-O shared that witnessing Knoxville repeatedly subjected to head injuries had lost its appeal for him, prompting him to reach out to the cast and express his concerns. Reflecting on the experience, Steve-O revealed, "I wrote this text to the whole cast that day, thanking Knoxville for the sacrifices he's made for this team, and also begging that he stops with the brain trauma.

It was one of my more serious and sincere messages." He also expressed a sense of dissatisfaction with his own stunts, including a scene where he and friend Machine Gun Kelly were propelled into a swimming pool by a giant foam hand while riding stationary bicycles.

While appreciating Machine Gun Kelly's involvement, Steve-O wished that the overall intensity of the stunt had been elevated.

Jackass Forever: Unprecedented Success

Despite Steve-O's reservations, Jackass Forever emerged as a commercial success, amassing $80 million at the box office with a modest $10 million budget.

The film, which arrived more than a decade after its predecessor Jackass 3D, featured Steve-O, Knoxville, and other familiar faces from the franchise engaging in outrageously dangerous stunts, often resulting in brutal injuries.

Notably, Knoxville disclosed to EW that his bull-running days were officially behind him following his encounter with the film's bull, Pecker Wrecker. This formidable beast had left Knoxville hospitalized with a concussion, brain hemorrhage, broken wrist, and a broken rib.

Despite the physical toll, Knoxville maintained an unwavering passion for the exhilaration of facing off against bulls, praising their contributions to the franchise. "Every time [the bulls] destroy me, I love it. God help me, I love it," he admitted.

Knoxville revered these selfless creatures, acknowledging their relentless determination to capture extraordinary footage at any cost. He expressed deep gratitude towards them, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to making him and the team look good.

Regrettably, Knoxville concluded that he would never again step into the ring with a bull, expressing his genuine sadness over bidding farewell to this perilous endeavor. As the Jackass journey continues, fans can only wonder what new outrageous and hair-raising adventures lie ahead for this beloved group of thrill-seekers.

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