Meghan & Harry: Crises & Bereavements Hinder Success?

Challenges and Controversies Surround Meghan and Harry's Post-Royal Journey

by Nouman Rasool
Meghan & Harry: Crises & Bereavements Hinder Success?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly pointing to external factors such as the ongoing pandemic and the recent deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip as significant hurdles in their pursuit of success outside the royal family.

An anonymous source based in Los Angeles shared this revelation with The Daily Mail, shedding light on the couple's struggles. Since their controversial decision to step back from their senior roles in the royal family in January 2020, Meghan and Harry have faced numerous setbacks in their quest to establish themselves in the private sector.

They contend that these challenges are largely a result of global events beyond their control.

Controversial Departure Amidst Pandemic

The timing of their departure from royal duties, just before the world was hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, added an additional layer of complexity to their transition.

In March 2021, their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey further fueled controversy as they openly expressed their discontent within the royal family and alleged racial bias in relation to their son Archie. The passing of Prince Philip in April 2021, merely a month after their headline-making interview, brought further complications to their journey.

Then, in August 2022, Meghan launched her podcast "Archetypes," which unfortunately faced overshadowing due to Queen Elizabeth's subsequent demise the following month. Despite the initial success of the podcast in terms of listenership, the Sussexes and Spotify recently ended their collaboration in June.

This decision coincided with Spotify's move to downsize by cutting 200 jobs in order to manage expenses. A reliable source informed The New York Post that the couple failed to deliver sufficient content to justify their hefty $20 million deal.

Furthermore, some of Harry's proposed podcast ideas faced skepticism from Spotify, including a series featuring notable figures such as Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Mark Zuckerberg discussing their childhood traumas.

A previous insider revealed to Bloomberg that Spotify staff found these suggestions impractical given the reluctance of figures like Putin and Zuckerberg to delve into their personal lives publicly. Bill Simmons, head of Spotify's international sports content and a prominent sportscaster, openly criticized the royal couple on his podcast, referring to them as "lazy" and "grifters." Despite the scrutiny and setbacks, Prince Harry remains undeterred.

As reported exclusively by Page Six last week, he expressed eagerness to embark on a documentary series in Africa for Netflix, showcasing his determination to forge ahead with his new ventures.