Comedian Iglesias' Private Jet Emergency Landing: 'Glad to be Alive

Comic star survives harrowing experience with emergency landing.

by Nouman Rasool
Comedian Iglesias' Private Jet Emergency Landing: 'Glad to be Alive

In an unnerving episode straight out of an action movie, the renowned comedian Gabriel Iglesias recently experienced a harrowing event that had his fans holding their breath. The incident occurred on Friday when Iglesias' private jet was forced to execute an emergency landing in a field.

The sudden detour was nothing short of a reality check for the popular comic, better known as Fluffy to his multitude of admirers. In a candid revelation shared via Instagram, the star of 'Mr. Iglesias' painted a vivid picture of the event.

"Our private jet skid off the runway and wound up in a field in Andrew's, North Carolina," Iglesias shared, accompanied by a video clip providing a glimpse into the aftermath. He promptly assured fans of their safety, admitting that though everyone was shaken, they were indeed alright.

In a poignant expression of relief, he confessed, "Happy to be alive. I love u all."

Iglesias Praises Pilot's Skill

Adding to the narration of his hair-raising experience, Iglesias posted a selfie of himself against the backdrop of the jet, using it as an opportunity to express his gratitude towards the pilot.

The comedian underscored the pilot's skill and quick-thinking, stating they "did what they had to do to get us on the ground safely." His praise serves as a testament to the crucial role the pilot played in ensuring the safe grounding of the plane.

Iglesias didn't shy away from acknowledging the gravity of the situation, commenting, "This could have been so bad." His relief was palpable, not just for his own safety but also for the fortunate escape of everyone aboard the flight.

However, despite the unnerving experience, the resilient comedian didn't allow it to dampen his spirits or hinder his travel plans. Displaying remarkable fortitude, he assured fans that he would be back in the sky the very next day, albeit not on the same aircraft.

Indeed, while this unexpected ordeal was far from a laughing matter, it has only reinforced Gabriel Iglesias' lust for life and his determination to continue spreading joy through his comedy, undeterred by personal trials.