Prince Harry and Meghan Depart Frogmore Cottage


Prince Harry and Meghan Depart Frogmore Cottage
Prince Harry and Meghan Depart Frogmore Cottage

Buckingham Palace confirmed today that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have vacated their former residence, Frogmore Cottage, on the Windsor estate. This development marks another milestone in the continuing saga of the couple's relationship with the royal family.

A Departure Amid Controversy

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were requested to vacate Frogmore Cottage last March, in the wake of the publication of a biography titled "The Reserve." Released in January, the book, which chronicled Prince Harry's life, proved to be highly critical of the royal family.

"Frogmore Cottage," a sprawling estate that spans over 400 square meters, belongs to the British Crown. Queen Elizabeth II had graciously offered the house to the Sussexes in 2019 as a wedding gift. Since stepping back from their royal duties in 2020, however, Harry and Meghan have primarily resided in California.

Despite an earlier agreement permitting the couple to use Frogmore year-round, the Duke and Duchess have rarely spent time at the Cottage following their move to the United States. This sparked conversations about the future of this regal property.

The Palace has confirmed that the couple had fully paid for the renovations of Frogmore Cottage, stating: "Safe to say that, as has previously been stated, the duke and duchess have paid for the expenditure incurred by the Sovereign Grant in relation to the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, thus leaving the Crown with a greatly enhanced asset."

Frogmore Cottage's Future Inhabitants: A Royal Speculation

With the Sussexes’ departure, speculation regarding Frogmore's next inhabitants is rife.

The Palace, however, has remained tight-lipped about this matter. Despite the silence from the official quarters, British press reports suggest that King Charles III may want his brother, Prince Andrew, to vacate the much larger Royal Lodge at the Windsor Estate and move into Frogmore Cottage.

This news, however, remains unconfirmed. The departure of Prince Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage closes another chapter in their royal narrative, opening up room for a fresh start and fueling conversations about the future of this historical property.

As the royal family continues to redefine its dynamics in the public eye, the fate of Frogmore Cottage stands as a symbol of these changing times.

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