Gates' Security Firm Probes Women's 'Se*ual Histories': Report

High-profile recruitment under scrutiny for alleged invasive practices.

by Nouman Rasool
Gates' Security Firm Probes Women's 'Se*ual Histories': Report

Bill Gates, famously recognized as one of the world's wealthiest individuals and the former CEO of Microsoft, has a renowned reputation for maintaining a stringent recruitment procedure for potential employees. This meticulous methodology was a cornerstone during his tenure at Microsoft and is currently in practice at Gates Ventures, his private office.

Journalists Khadeeja Safdar and Emily Glazer, from the Wall Street Journal, have recently sparked a controversy suggesting the potential breach of professional boundaries during the recruitment process. According to their report, published on June 29th, they reveal that potential Gates Ventures employees were allegedly subjected to intrusive questioning by a third-party security firm.

Intrusive Screening Practices

The article elaborates that the candidates were reportedly subjected to an intense screening process, during which they were inquired about their se*ual past, former drug usage, and other private aspects of their lives.

The invasive line of questioning seems to focus on assessing the candidates' potential vulnerability to blackmail, as per the report. The journalists shed light on the discriminatory nature of the intrusive questioning, suggesting that female candidates were targeted.

Some were allegedly questioned on sensitive subjects such as involvement in extramarital affairs, preferences in pornography, and possession of explicit personal photographs. Information from applicants and individuals familiar with the hiring process corroborates these allegations.

It's noteworthy, according to Safdar and Glazer, that it remains unclear if male candidates were subjected to similar questioning. No male candidates who communicated with the Wall Street Journal affirmed being subjected to such questioning.

Several female candidates were reportedly probed about involvement in any form of erotic dancing or 'dancing for dollars.' One candidate revealed being questioned about past experiences with se*ually transmitted diseases.

Responding to these allegations, a spokeswoman for Gates refuted the claims of inappropriate questioning. She stated that Gates Ventures remains unaware of such questioning taking place during the background checks conducted by third-party contractors.

The investigation continues as these serious allegations raise questions about the screening process at one of the world's most influential enterprises.