Jon Hamm Speaks on Joyful Wedding and the Journey Ahead


Jon Hamm Speaks on Joyful Wedding and the Journey Ahead
Jon Hamm Speaks on Joyful Wedding and the Journey Ahead

Jon Hamm, the charismatic actor renowned for his role in the hit series 'Mad Men', recently sat down with the 'Table for Two' podcast, candidly sharing his thoughts on matrimony. With echoes of optimism and excitement permeating his voice, Hamm mused on the wondrous prospects of married life.

Embracing the Journey of Marriage

"Ideally, it gives you and your partner a sense of stability and comfort and an identifying capacity that is better, deeper, richer, than ‘it's my girlfriend’ or ‘my boyfriend’ or what have you," he said during the podcast appearance.

Hamm’s enthusiasm was palpable as he pondered the transformative power of marriage. The 'Mad Men' star tied the knot with his partner Anna Osceola last Saturday at Anderson Canyon in Big Sur, PEOPLE magazine confirmed.

The scenic location carries significance for Hamm, as it's the same spot where the finale episode of 'Mad Men' was filmed. "It’s exciting, it’s exciting because it’s all potential, it’s all possibility, and it’s all positive," Hamm iterated, his words resonating with hope and anticipation.

Recorded in the days leading up to his nuptials, Hamm's buoyant energy is unmistakable on the podcast episode.

The Joys and Fears of the Next Life Chapter

In his interview, Hamm also candidly shared the natural apprehension that comes with this monumental life decision.

"I suppose there’s two ways to look at anything like that, which is like ‘oh, what if it’s terrible,' but the other way is like ‘this is meant to be something wonderful.’" Choosing to lean into the positive outlook, Hamm highlighted the forward momentum of life, reflecting on the prospect of marriage as a gateway to the "next thing of life".

His enthusiastic embrace of this milestone hints at the actor's adventurous spirit and steadfast optimism. An intimate affair, Hamm's wedding was a celebration shared with fewer than 100 attendees. For Hamm, the small, supportive group mirrored a significant moment from his past. "At the end of the day, the important thing is… I’m gonna look out and I'm gonna see this whole group of people – and it's not a very big group of people… that are all there because they're supporting me and Anna," he said. "And that’s great. I think the last time that happened to me was high school graduation."