Shakira Reveals: I Had Been Betrayed While my Dad Was in the ICU


Shakira Reveals: I Had Been Betrayed While my Dad Was in the ICU
Shakira Reveals: I Had Been Betrayed While my Dad Was in the ICU

Renowned Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira has recently opened up about the turmoil that enveloped her life nearly a year ago. The artist shared intimate details concerning the personal crises that emerged simultaneously - a breakup with footballer Gerard Piqué, an apparent infidelity, and a serious family health scare.

A Bleak Confluence of Crises

Speaking to People en Español, Shakira recounted the grueling sequence of events that transpired. "Everything happened at once," she said, the pain palpable in her voice. She had just parted ways with her longtime partner, Gerard Piqué, only to learn through media outlets that he had reportedly betrayed her during a critical time in her life.

Adding to the singer's grief, her father, William Mebarak Chadid, 91, was in intensive care following a severe fall during her son Milan's first communion. The Grammy-winning singer describes the feeling of having her world crumble around her.

She was unable to seek comfort or counsel from her father, whom she regards as her "best friend," at a time when she felt the ground shift beneath her.

Drawing Strength from Family Resilience

As Shakira navigated the treacherous waters of emotional turmoil, the resilience displayed by her father served as a beacon.

Now on the road to recovery, Chadid's perseverance, in combination with his enduring marriage to Shakira's mother, Nidia Ripoll Torrado, have been inspirational sources of strength for the star. “They have both been a reflection of that dream that didn’t come true for me.

But I hope they are role models for my kids,” Shakira said of Milan, 10, and son Sasha, 8. Through their example, she hopes her children will learn the virtues of resilience, commitment, and love that stood the test of time in her parents' relationship.

In sharing her story, Shakira has shone a light on the complex and often painful interweaving of personal and public life that many celebrities grapple with.