Star Miss Benny Transitions; Show Mirrors Their Transgender Journey

Netflix's 'Glamorous' integrates Miss Benny's real-life transition journey.

by Nouman Rasool
Star Miss Benny Transitions; Show Mirrors Their Transgender Journey

On Monday, Miss Benny, the vibrant star of Netflix's upcoming series "Glamorous," courageously revealed their transgender identity in an essay published in Time. With their revelation timed to coincide with the launch of the series on June 22, Miss Benny shared, "I will come out as the transgender woman I've been privately living as for the last few years.

Though I'm a proud individual, acknowledging this truth publicly still feels somewhat daunting." Known for previous roles on "Fuller House," "American Horror Stories," and "Love, Victor," Miss Benny's journey into the limelight took a twist when they were cast as Marco in "Glamorous." The character, originally written as male, morphed in sync with Miss Benny's own transformative journey.

Series Evolution Mirrors Benny's Transition

After Netflix greenlit the series, which was several years after Miss Benny's initial audition, they met with series creator Jordan Nardino. Benny proposed tweaking the premise to align it with their personal narrative.

"I met him at a bar in Silver Lake and confided about my transition. Though it diverged from the original plan, I was hopeful we could incorporate this journey into the show, allowing Marco to transition alongside me in real life," they penned.

To their relief, Netflix and the show's writers embraced the idea, altering the storyline to authentically reflect Miss Benny's journey. It was pivotal to them that Marco's transition wasn't the series' plot or a twist to shock the audience.

Instead, the show portrays a young queer individual navigating love, heartbreak, career milestones, and failures, all the while exploring their identity. Miss Benny recounted their first "Glamorous" audition in a recent interview with EW.

They detailed how it was the first time they felt accepted for who they truly are during a casting call. Reflecting on previous auditions where they'd been instructed to suppress their authentic self, Benny shared, "I approached the Glamorous audition already toned down, anticipating the same.

The only feedback I received for my callback was 'we want you to be yourself.' They appreciated my flamboyant and vibrant personality. The next audition, I didn't hold anything back. It felt validating. For the first time in a casting office, I was reassured that I wasn't doing too much." The star was last seen in Los Angeles, California, at a Flamencaba Collection celebration hosted by Christian Louboutin and Rossy De Palma.

The event, inspired by Loubi Tablao, took place on May 31, 2023, at the Carondelet House, where Benny confidently struck a pose for the cameras.