Biden Joins Celebrities in Supporting Owensboro's 'Mr. Fantastic' Joey Newton


Biden Joins Celebrities in Supporting Owensboro's 'Mr. Fantastic' Joey Newton

President Joe Biden Adds His Support to Owensboro's Beloved "Mr. Fantastic" Joey Newton Owensboro's own Joey Newton, affectionately known as "Mr. Fantastic," is swiftly amassing a collection of heartfelt letters from celebrities, the most recent of which comes from President Joe Biden.

Newton initially contacted the President, urging him to enhance accessibility and create inclusive environments for individuals with disabilities. The inspiration for Newton's letter-writing endeavor struck him a few months ago while watching a show where an admirer expressed gratitude to various celebrities through letters.

Determined to follow suit, Newton commenced his letter-writing campaign in January. As an active participant in the Day Training program at the esteemed Opportunity Center of Owensboro, Newton assumed the moniker "Mr. Fantastic." By crafting each letter with his hands, Newton receives assistance from the center's staff to facilitate the process and promptly dispatch the messages.

Thrilling Celebrity Letters Delight Newton

In April, Newton experienced his first significant surprise when he eagerly unfolded a letter from one of his treasured actors, Adam Sandler. Overjoyed by the correspondence, Newton described the moment as nothing short of "fantastic." Since then, he has been fortunate enough to receive letters from renowned figures such as Robert Englund, celebrated for his portrayal of Freddy Krueger in the iconic Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Newton's list of recipients also includes esteemed personalities like Oprah Winfrey and former President Barack Obama. Reflecting on his letter to President Biden earlier this year, Newton expressed his motivation to shed light on the pressing need for enhanced accessibility nationwide.

With a genuine desire to become an advocate for others, Newton shared his ideas on increasing the number of handicap-accessible venues worldwide in his heartfelt message. In response, President Biden conveyed his gratitude through a personal letter, which read: "Thank you for your kind note of support.

When I assumed the role of President, I promised to be a leader for all Americans and strive towards delivering results that benefit the people of our great nation. Our progress thus far stands as a testament to this commitment.

When we unite as a nation, there is no challenge too daunting and no goal beyond our reach. Let us always remember who we are. Although there is much work ahead, I am more confident than ever that the spirit of America shines brightly, our future is promising, and the potential of America is vast and only just beginning." True to form, Newton's reaction to the President's letter was unsurprising as he exclaimed, "It was truly fantastic."