Approaching Celebrities in Public Spaces Can You Say Hi to a Famous Baseball Player?

Exploring the dynamics of fan-celebrity interactions in public.

by Nouman Rasool
Approaching Celebrities in Public Spaces Can You Say Hi to a Famous Baseball Player?

In today's column, we tackle the intriguing world of etiquette and manners in situations that could be rather tricky. Imagine this - you have a celebrity Major League Baseball player as your new neighbor, and one day, while you both are examining vegetables in the grocery store, you wonder, is it polite to acknowledge his presence? Would a simple 'Hi' be considered a rude interruption?

Balancing Admiration and Respect

Miss Manners suggests keeping your greeting brief and meaningful in such encounters with celebrities is recommended.

An abrupt 'Hi' could confuse the person, and a prolonged conversation might be disruptive. Instead, a subtle and sincere "I'm a big fan" could strike the right balance between respect and admiration. It would flatter the celebrity and allow him to continue his mundane tasks without much disturbance if delivered tactfully.

Moving on to a domestic problem - we explore the issue of misplaced eyeglasses. What do you do when a relative, albeit absent-mindedly, leave their glasses strewn around your house, even on kitchen counters? While it might seem trivial to some, hygiene concerns can make it quite bothersome.

In response, Miss Manners advises addressing the issue directly with the relative. Expressing your feelings honestly while maintaining a polite tone to avoid unnecessary conflicts is crucial. Lastly, we touch upon the etiquette involved when dining out.

Picture this - you're celebrating your husband's birthday, and a business associate sends a bottle of red wine as a gift. Your husband prefers a cocktail, while you're open to enjoying a glass or two of the gifted wine. The server stands by, bottle opener ready, awaiting your approval.

In such a situation, Miss Manners believes it's ideal for thanking the server, expressing her intention to save the bottle to savor later at home. This would honor the business associate's gift and allow your husband to order a drink of his preference.

If that's not feasible, the next best thing would be to accept the wine graciously, reminding your husband that birthday privileges don't extend to every aspect of the celebration. These scenarios remind us that grace and politeness are about following old rules and showing respect and understanding toward others in everyday interactions.