"Kelly Clarkson's Unforgettable Collaboration: How Steve Martin Joined Her Album!"


"Kelly Clarkson's Unforgettable Collaboration: How Steve Martin Joined Her Album!"

In a delightful twist of fate, Kelly Clarkson managed to secure the talented Steve Martin to lend his banjo-playing skills on her latest album, all thanks to a clever line in one of her songs. In the track titled "I Hate to Love," Clarkson cheekily sings about her disdain for romantic illusions portrayed in movies, mentioning "The Notebook" and humorously suggesting that "It's Complicated" is a more realistic depiction of relationships.

She declares, "So you can keep Gosling, and I'll take Steve Martin." Clarkson's admiration for both movies and her affinity for Steve Martin prompted her to approach the legendary comedian and actor to collaborate on the album.

She expressed her excitement to The Hollywood Reporter, "I thought it was funny, I did the whole Steve Martin reference, and then I asked him to play on it, and he said yes, which I thought was incredible. I still can't believe he said yes, but I can't take it back.

It's on there."

Seeking Steve Martin: A Bold Request

Clarkson contacted her team to make the collaboration happen, seeking Martin's contact details and eventually connecting with his publicist. She admitted having reservations but took a chance anyway, saying, "I was like, 'Do you mind sending this to him? Cool, if not.'

I did all the disclaimers, and actually, it wasn't a long response, and he got back." Unfortunately, conflicting schedules prevented Clarkson from meeting Martin in person during the recording process. Juggling multiple commitments like her talk show and "The Voice," she couldn't be present when Martin laid down his banjo part.

However, her producer, Jesse Shatkin, had the privilege of witnessing the collaboration firsthand. Texting Clarkson during the session, he shared his incredulity, exclaiming, "I can't believe this is my life." Though she couldn't be physically present, Clarkson's enthusiasm for Martin and genuine admiration for his talent remained unwavering.

She professed, "I wanted to be there because I've never met him, and I'm a huge fan. So anyway, he's cool, and I'll do anything for Steve Martin now." This unexpected and delightful union between Kelly Clarkson and Steve Martin exemplifies the power of creating connections and the magic that can happen when artists support and collaborate.

It's a testament to Clarkson's fearless pursuit of her artistic vision and her genuine admiration for the comedic genius that is Steve Martin. As fans eagerly await the release of her new album, they can now anticipate an extraordinary musical moment featuring the banjo stylings of the inimitable Steve Martin.

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