Geraldo Rivera Departs Fox News' 'The Five'

Geraldo Rivera's Departure from 'The Five': A Shift in Panel Dynamics

by Nouman Rasool
Geraldo Rivera Departs Fox News' 'The Five'

Renowned television personality Geraldo Rivera has recently confirmed his departure from the popular panel show 'The Five' on Fox News. Having served as one of the rotating co-hosts, Rivera often represented the left-leaning perspective in dynamic discussions with his right-leaning counterparts.

On Wednesday, he shared the news on Twitter, stating that it was now "official" and that his last scheduled appearances on the show would be on Thursday and Friday, June 29th and 30th. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity and acknowledging the challenges of being the odd man out, Rivera also made it known that he would continue as Correspondent at Large, at least for the time being.

Rivera's Vocal Critique of Carlson's Coverage

'The Five' stands as cable news' most-watched program, captivating audiences with passionate and sometimes intense debates among the hosts. Rivera had previously mentioned that two of his scheduled appearances had been canceled in early May.

However, he had remained optimistic and understanding, believing that there must have been valid reasons for the change. He had publicly criticized former Fox News host Tucker Carlson's coverage of the January 6th events following the network's decision to part ways with Carlson's show.

On Twitter, Rivera condemned Carlson's conspiracy theory surrounding the events, describing it as "bull" while expressing no ill will towards the former host. Rivera, alongside Jessica Tarlov and Harold Ford Jr., was among the series of rotating hosts who filled the vacancy left by Juan Williams in 2021.

His presence on 'The Five' added diversity of thought and a contrasting perspective, contributing to the show's appeal and providing viewers with a balanced representation of differing opinions. Throughout his tenure, Rivera engaged in lively discussions, articulating his viewpoints with conviction and often challenging the prevailing narratives presented by his colleagues.

As Geraldo Rivera bids farewell to 'The Five,' viewers will undoubtedly miss his thought-provoking contributions and his ability to stimulate productive conversations amidst ideological differences. Rivera's departure marks the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy of engaging discourse and further cementing 'The Five' as a go-to source for passionate political analysis on cable news.