And Just Like That: Cast Supports Kim Cattrall Return for Fans


And Just Like That: Cast Supports Kim Cattrall Return for Fans

As the long-anticipated season 2 of the "Sex and the City" spin-off "And Just Like That" prepares for its premiere on HBO Max this Thursday, the series' stars share their insights on the unexpected return of beloved character Samantha, portrayed by Kim Cattrall.

Confirming Cattrall's Unexpected Return

Cattrall's return was confirmed by a Max spokesperson to EW following an unexpected leak. This reveal comes after years of the actress's refusal to participate in a third "Sex and the City" movie and her notable absence in the initial season of "And Just Like That".

Sarah Jessica Parker, the show's leading lady, shared her thoughts on this surprising comeback, stating, "It's a nice nod to the 25-year history of the series to bring Samantha back, even if only through a brief scene. The timing was just right, and I'm glad we could manage it schedule-wise." This pivotal cameo takes place during a significant event in Carrie's life.

Samantha’s unexpected phone call provides a moment of levity, nostalgia, and normality that the fans will surely appreciate. Recognizing the fans' enduring affection for Samantha, Kristin Davis, who doubles as an executive producer and a series regular, revealed, "We decided it was right for the fans.

They miss Samantha. They love Samantha. She's a fantastic character. We get it." Moreover, Davis notes the importance of this return in honoring the 25-year legacy of "Sex and the City," and the complex narrative dynamics between the characters.

In "And Just Like That," Samantha had moved to London after a falling out with Carrie, but a shared tragedy brought them back into contact. "There is a connection that persists even when people aren't a daily presence in your life," Davis comments, keeping further plot details closely guarded.

The off-screen saga, including a reported conflict between Cattrall and Parker and Cattrall’s decline of a third movie appearance, adds more layers to Samantha’s return. Nevertheless, Cattrall's recent on-set presence, albeit remote, signals a possible thawing in the icy relations.

Cynthia Nixon, another series regular, also shared her disappointment over the leaked news of Cattrall’s return, noting that the surprise appearance was meant to catch fans off-guard. As fans anticipate this momentous return, Nixon and Davis express hope that it will live up to expectations, despite its brevity.

"I just hope it's not a tremendous anti-climax," says Nixon, to which Davis adds, "I'm hoping people are happy." This reprisal of Samantha's character is a nod to the indelible legacy of "Sex and the City" and a tribute to the fans who have carried the show's spirit forward, underscoring the series' enduring relevance and appeal.