Chris Hemsworth and Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprise Gym Session in Brazil

Two action film icons unite in an unexpected setting.

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Hemsworth and Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprise Gym Session in Brazil

In a thrilling encounter that seemed straight out of an action film, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth had the unique opportunity not only to meet but also exercise alongside his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the revered bodybuilding legend and action film stalwart.

Both Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor, and Schwarzenegger, the iconic Terminator, were present in Brazil attending Netflix's Tudum event. This event was an avenue for both action stars to promote their respective projects, Hemsworth being involved in the sequel to the hit film 'Extraction 2', and Schwarzenegger making his television debut with the action-comedy series 'FUBAR'

Hemsworth's Dream Encounter

Hemsworth confided to PEOPLE on the Tudum red carpet about his excitement and sheer elation at the unexpected encounter with Schwarzenegger. "I'm not sure how they felt running into us," the charismatic Thor actor admitted, "but for me, it was akin to living a dream." Despite their collaborative appearance in a Netflix promo, Hemsworth disclosed that the two superstars were actually filmed on green screens situated in disparate countries.

Hence, the chance to not just meet, but also to work out alongside Schwarzenegger was a rare and special occasion. Reflecting on the experience, Hemsworth described Schwarzenegger as being as "gracious and kind" as he had imagined, further enhancing the significance of this memorable event.

Schwarzenegger, the veteran action hero, was just as delighted by the encounter. His Twitter post captured the spirit of their workout session succinctly, "First we get our pump, then we go pump up the fantastic fans in Brazil." The statement was accompanied by an image featuring the two actors flexing their well-toned muscles.

Schwarzenegger also took to Instagram, expressing admiration for Hemsworth's physique. Responding to a picture Hemsworth posted of their meeting, the FUBAR star's comment read, "Look at how pumped you are," Schwarzenegger observed, further adding, "The delts.

The triceps. ?" This interaction served as an endearing testament to the mutual respect shared by these two cinematic titans.

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