Alia Bhatt Pink 'Barbie' Look for Netflix Event; Snaps Selfie with Gal Gadot

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt captures attention at Netflix's Tudum event.

by Nouman Rasool
Alia Bhatt Pink 'Barbie' Look for Netflix Event; Snaps Selfie with Gal Gadot

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is taking the global stage by storm as she prepares for her much-anticipated Hollywood debut with "Heart of Stone." This star-studded film features Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan alongside Alia, offering an exciting introduction to Hollywood.

The current buzz revolves around Alia's participation at the Netflix event, Tudum, in Brazil. In a splash of vibrant pink, Alia Bhatt marked her arrival at Netflix's Tudum 2023 event by sharing a delightful series of photos on Instagram.

The young actress, renowned for her versatile on-screen performances, showcased her playful side through these pictures, endearingly referring to herself as 'Barbie.' The first image features a collage where the starlet can form a heart with her hands, exuding positivity and love.

Her radiant smile and goofy expressions underline her candid and energetic persona. Subsequent photos capture Alia, attired in pink, displaying a range of emotions from contemplative to relaxed, encapsulating the multifaceted charm that she is loved for.

Alia's Barbie-Inspired Ensemble

Alia's Barbie-inspired look comprised a pastel pink top, tastefully paired with a matching oversized blazer and pants, elevated by classic black heels. Her fans quickly commented on her posts, showering her with praise.

One admirer quipped, "This Barbie is magic," while another complimented her as the 'Indian Hania Aamir.' Messages like "Adorable lil munchkin" and "Barbie doll of Bollywood" further affirmed her special status amongst fans.

Additionally, Alia posted glimpses of the Netflix event on her Instagram Stories, including a video clip with her "Heart of Stone" co-stars, Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan.

This behind-the-scenes footage provides a candid look at the actors' off-screen camaraderie. One heartwarming moment features Alia resting her head on Gal's shoulder, a testament to their burgeoning friendship.

Alia concluded her social media updates with a post-event wrap-up message, "And that's a wrap on day 1..see you tomorrow Brazil (red heart emojis)." Alia donned a chic grey blazer and matching trousers with heels for the event, while Gal sported a classic black dress and blazer combination.

On the other hand, Jamie chose a casual black T-shirt, white sweater, pants, and sneakers, starkly contrasting the ladies' formal attire.