Andy Cohen & John Mayer: A Love Connection!

TV host Andy Cohen addresses rumors surrounding his friendship.

by Nouman Rasool
Andy Cohen & John Mayer: A Love Connection!

The renowned TV host and author Andy Cohen recently addressed rumors about his close bond with musician John Mayer during a captivating interview on SiriusXM's "The Howard Stern Show." As Cohen promoted his new book, "The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up," Stern probed into the nature of his relationship with Mayer, as the singer is prominently featured in the memoir.

Cohen candidly responded to Stern's inquiry by expressing his deep affection for Mayer, emphasizing that their connection is genuine friendship rather than a romantic involvement. He confessed with a touch of humor, "I am in love with John Mayer.

We are in love with each other." Despite this lighthearted proclamation, Cohen quickly clarified that their affection is rooted in a solid platonic bond.

Clearing the Air: A Spiritual Bond

To further dispel any speculation, Stern challenged Cohen to swear upon the lives of his beloved young children, Benjamin and Lucy, affirming that there has never been any romantic or sexual entanglement between him and Mayer.

Cohen promptly obliged, underscoring the purely spiritual nature of their relationship. This isn't the first time Cohen has addressed and dismissed rumors surrounding his friendship with Mayer. Over time, their shared love for outdoor adventures has fueled gossip, mainly due to their joint camping trips.

However, Cohen has consistently maintained that their camaraderie is built on mutual respect and shared interests, without any romantic or sexual elements. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Cohen understands that close friendships between public statistics can sometimes be misconstrued or sensationalized.

Nevertheless, he remains steadfast in emphasizing the authenticity of his connection with Mayer, their shared experiences, genuine affection, and the enduring strength of their friendship. With his latest book shedding light on personal aspects of his life, Andy Cohen continues to captivate audiences with his professional endeavors and his unwavering commitment to authenticity and genuine relationships, debunking unfounded speculations and reminding us all of the power of true friendship.