John Mellencamp, 71, Acknowledges Being a 'S***ty Boyfriend' to Meg Ryan, 61

John Mellencamp reflects on his past relationship with Meg Ryan.

by Nouman Rasool
John Mellencamp, 71, Acknowledges Being a 'S***ty Boyfriend' to Meg Ryan, 61

John Mellencamp, the 71-year-old musician, has openly confessed to being a less-than-ideal boyfriend to Meg Ryan, his former fiancée, nearly four years after their engagement came to an end. Speaking candidly with Esquire, Mellencamp took responsibility for the ups and downs of their relationship, which lasted for eight on-and-off years.

Expressing his love for Ryan, Mellencamp admitted, "She doesn't love me so much. She's a great girl. I'm just a sty boyfriend." The couple first began dating in 2010 when both were in the process of finding their footing in this new relationship.

Mellencamp explained, "Meg Ryan had just come out of her shell; I had just come out of my shell. We started dating. And we decided to do things on our own instead of having people do stuff for us. We were so fing lost. We didn't know how to do anything.

I've never checked out of a hotel by myself."

Bonds Formed in Supermarket

Reflecting on their shared experiences, Mellencamp shared a humorous anecdote about their mutual struggles with mundane tasks due to their celebrity status.

He recalled an incident at a grocery store where they were perplexed by the credit card machine, leading to laughter and bonding over their own perceived incompetence. Mellencamp added, "I think she's learned how to do everything, and I've learned how to do nothing." The news of their split surfaced in October 2019, following reports that their engagement had ended after eight years together.

An insider revealed that Ryan had made the decision to end the engagement, stating, "She'd had enough and ended it. She has no regrets." Speculation about their separation began when Ryan was seen without her engagement ring at an event in October 2019.

The couple was last seen together in May of that year. John Mellencamp, previously married to Elaine Irwin, was initially linked to Ryan in late 2010 after his divorce. They parted ways in August 2014, and Mellencamp then dated Christie Brinkley until 2016.

However, the couple reunited and announced their engagement on November 8, 2018, via Ryan's Instagram post. Meg Ryan, known for her roles in films like Sleepless In Seattle and Top Gun, spoke about their engagement in a 2019 interview with InStyle.

She emphasized that although she was happy and eventually planned to get married, the engagement phase itself was a "state of grace" that she intended to cherish. Meg Ryan has a son named Jack, 31, from her previous marriage to Dennis Quaid, and she also adopted a daughter named Daisy in 2005.

John Mellencamp has children from previous relationships, including daughters Michelle, Teddi, and Justice, as well as sons Hud and Speck. Despite the challenges they faced during their relationship, John Mellencamp's recent admission highlights his own shortcomings as a partner while expressing his enduring love and respect for Meg Ryan.