William and Kate Middleton: What are their plans for the summer?


William and Kate Middleton: What are their plans for the summer?
William and Kate Middleton: What are their plans for the summer?

Since their schedules are usually packed with a number of appointments, and because they have a number of visits during the calendar year, the royal family has a difficult time finding free time. The same will apply this time around as well.

It is expected that the royal family will travel to Edinburgh (Scotland) in the next few weeks to attend a number of events. There is a surprise planned for the Royal Family by the Scots, and it is already known that the surprise will mark the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, both of whom will be present on that special day.

However, Charles III and Camila will not be the only ones to visit Scotland. They will be accompanied by Kate Middleton, as well as Prince William..They will have a great company with him. There will be a number of activities that will be taking place, and the Scots are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Royal Family and all that it will bring.

Shetland pony

We know that the Shetland pony will certainly be the main attraction of the event, given the fact that he has been causing quite a funny moments during previous visits by the Royal Families. The Shetland pony made many laugh when it nibbled on Queen Elizabeth II's flowers.

Also, five years ago the pony was putting Harry's fingers in his mouth. As a patron of both the Rugby Football League and the Rugby Football Union, Kate Middleton is a big fan of rugby, and she recently had the pleasure of visiting a rugby practice.

Her arrival was a great honor for them, and they were very happy to see her. There is no doubt that Kate Middleton and Prince William make one of the most interesting couples, and their appearance is another big attraction.

In the coming year, they plan to travel to many different countries and be able to enjoy the different cultures around the world. Their calendar is full, but it won't be a big problem for them. Everywhere they go, they will receive the best of welcomes from everyone they meet.

Kate Middleton

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