Brad Pitt Reflects on Romance with Juliette Lewis: I Still Love The Woman


Brad Pitt Reflects on Romance with Juliette Lewis: I Still Love The Woman
Brad Pitt Reflects on Romance with Juliette Lewis: I Still Love The Woman

Brad Pitt, now 59, has had a series of high-profile relationships, notably with his former wives Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. But he recently revealed that "one of the best" relationships he's ever had was with Juliette Lewis, a relationship that still holds a place in his heart.

A Romance Born On-Set

Pitt and Lewis first crossed paths on the set of their film in 1990. Despite a decade's age difference – with Juliette just 17 at the time and Brad 27 – sparks flew, and the two quickly evolved into one of Hollywood's most-talked-about couples.

Their romance lasted for three years, after which, in 1993, they mutually decided to call it quits. Lewis later remarked that Pitt was "not in her universe anymore," effectively closing that chapter of her life. Meanwhile, Pitt reflected fondly on the "great time" they had together.

In a candid revelation during a recent interview, he admitted, "I still love the woman. There's some real genius there. I had a great time with her. It was one of the greatest relationships I've ever been in." The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor confessed to Vanity Fair, "The problem is, we grow up with this vision that love conquers all, and that's just not so, is it?" offering a poignant insight into the complexities of love.

Mutual Admiration: Lewis on Pitt

While their love story ended, the mutual admiration between the two never faded. Lewis, now a successful actress in her own right, said she had respected Pitt as an actor even before they started dating.

"We met on a movie of the week and started dating when it was over. I already liked him as an actor, plus you gotta respect somebody who’s in the same field as you," she told the Los Angeles Times. Speaking on the nature of their relationship, she added, "We're like at the point in love, where we just like to see each other every single day and we don't get bored with each other, so it's really, really nice." Notably, the former couple enjoyed working together and discussing their work, harboring ambitions to continue their professional collaboration.

Post-breakup, in 1993, Pitt and Lewis starred together in their second film, "California," underscoring their professional respect and mutual fondness.

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