Blake Lively's Trainer Reveals the Sustainable Path to Success

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Blake Lively's Trainer Reveals the Sustainable Path to Success
Blake Lively's Trainer Reveals the Sustainable Path to Success

In the bustling world of Hollywood, the spotlight is perpetually focused on the stars - their lives, their projects, and above all, their physiques. It's an undeniable truth that amidst the camera flashes and glamour, maintaining a fit and healthy body is an important part of the job.

Actress Blake Lively, a constant beacon of fitness and wellness, has recently been catching everyone's eye with her incredible physique, six months post-partum. Lively’s secret? A uniquely crafted fitness program, "Train Like Blake Lively", designed by her trusted trainer, Don Saladino.

Behind the Scenes with Don Saladino

Blake Lively has been training with Saladino, a renowned fitness coach, for more than a decade. Now, Saladino is lifting the curtain to reveal the special regimen that has been instrumental in Lively's post-pregnancy fitness journey.

Saladino is a firm believer in consuming more wholesome food and not fretting about the numbers on the scale. Contrary to many fitness regimes, he doesn't advocate eliminating the foods one loves or pushing for impossible feats in the gym.

Explaining Lively's approach, Saladino shared, "I think the thing with Blake now is that she's understanding the importance of trying to be consistent." He further emphasized that Lively's celebrity status does not exempt her from the common trials and tribulations of fitness.

"She's a human being. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean that her tissue or muscle or bones are any different. She's a mother, just like anyone else."

"Train Like Blake Lively": A Program for the Stars

The "Train Like Blake Lively" program is a six-week plan designed to burn fat, build muscle, and more importantly, foster long-term energy levels.

Saladino highlights the importance of consistency, which he believes is the key to any successful fitness journey. "If we're gonna come into a session, it's not about going into every session with a Rocky-type mentality," he says.

Perhaps what sets this regimen apart is its sustainability. It doesn't demand any dietary eliminations, which often become a sticking point in many fitness programs. As such, it's become exceedingly popular among celebrities. Besides Lively, stars like Emily Blunt, Cindy Crawford, and Anne Hathaway have also turned to Saladino's approach.

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