Georgina Rodriguez and her relationship before Cristiano Ronaldo

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Georgina Rodriguez and her relationship before Cristiano Ronaldo
Georgina Rodriguez and her relationship before Cristiano Ronaldo

As widely known as she is, Georgina Rodriguez is the spouse of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2016, and in recent months, there have been rumors regarding their relationship being on the rocks.

The couple celebrated the birth of their daughter, who they named Bella Esmeralda, in April of last year. However, they were dealt a heavy pain when the girl's twin brother passed away during the birth. It should be noted that Cristiano and Georgina already have a daughter Alana (4), and he has a son Cristiano Junior (11) and twin daughters Mateo and Eva (4) who were born with the assistance of surrogate mothers.

During the premiere of the model's show 'I'm Georgina', she revealed that she met the football player at her workplace, the luxury brand Gucci, in Madrid, where she was working at the time. Several months later, he invited her to dinner and it was immediately apparent that there was chemistry between them.

Georgina Rodriguez

Despite the fact that Rodriguez lived an extremely modest life prior to her marriage to Ronaldo, the details of her love life are much less known. It was revealed in the foreign press, however, who she was kissing before she kissed the football player.

It is about a 28-year-old adventurer and photographer nicknamed 'Wild Java', who was her great high school sweetheart, and who attracted attention by participating in the Spanish reality show 'The Island of Temptations'

The couple ended their relationship in 2011 and have not made any public statements about why it ended and what led to their relationship. The foreign media however reported that Georgina broke up with him when she wanted to pursue modeling, so she left the Spanish city of Jaco for Madrid to pursue her dream.

Argentinian beauty, Georgina, met Ronaldo five years after she ended her relationship with Javi, and on their first date, Ronaldo took her to Disneyland. It was only a matter of seconds before their photos flooded the world.

There was a lot of interest in who Georgina was. Georgina was born in Argentina in 1994, but she grew up in a northern part of Spain where she spent most of her childhood. Little Georgina and older sister Ivana were left in poverty by their father Jorge, who died in 2019, served ten years in prison for drug dealing. He was soccer player also.

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