Prince Harry: Some Editors and Journalists Do Have Blood on Their Hands

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Prince Harry: Some Editors and Journalists Do Have Blood on Their Hands
Prince Harry: Some Editors and Journalists Do Have Blood on Their Hands

LONDON - Prince Harry courageously took the stand in London’s High Court on Tuesday, June 6, engaging in a tense legal battle against a trifecta of British tabloids: The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, and The Sunday People.

"Some Editors and Journalists Do Have Blood on Their Hands"

In a gripping testimony, the Duke of Sussex delivered a chilling indictment against Britain’s tabloid press, stating, "Some editors and journalists do have blood on their hands." His statement underscored his ongoing lawsuit against the media giants for their relentless intrusion into his personal life.

Prince Harry opened up about the strain that this relentless media scrutiny has put on his relationships. “Whenever I have been in a relationship, I have always tried to be the best partner that I possibly could, but every woman has her limit," he confessed.

"Unfortunately, they are not just in a relationship with me, but with the entire tabloid press as the third party”. He suggested that the tabloids had obtained voicemail messages illegally, adding yet another layer to the allegations of media misconduct.

Bitter Remembrances: The Hurtful Echo of Unfounded Rumors

Prince Harry also addressed the rampant rumors that have haunted him for years, particularly the widely reported notion that his biological father was James Hewitt, a man his mother, Princess Diana, had been involved with after his birth.

“Numerous newspapers had reported a rumor that my biological father was James Hewitt, a man my mother had a relationship with after I was born,” Harry said, clarifying, “At the time of this article and others similar to it, I wasn’t actually aware that my mother hadn’t met Major Hewitt until after I was born”.

The implications of such baseless stories, he explained, were deeply distressing, especially during his formative years. “At the time, when I was 18 years old and had lost my mother just six years earlier, stories such as this felt very damaging and very real to me,” he recounted, “They were hurtful, mean and cruel.

I was always left questioning the motives behind the stories." Harry expressed his doubts about the insidious intentions of these stories, wondering, "Were the newspapers keen to put doubt into the minds of the public so I might be ousted from the Royal family?”

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