Rexha Stands Up to Body Shaming


Rexha Stands Up to Body Shaming
Rexha Stands Up to Body Shaming

In the high-voltage world of celebrity culture, body shaming has become a rampant issue. Recently, international singer Bebe Rexha found herself at the center of such controversy. The spirited performer, however, chose to stand up to the critics, sharing an empowering message about body positivity.

Singer's Empowering Response to Critics

Rexha has been facing flak for her recent weight gain, with fans and online trolls alike focusing on her physical appearance. Not one to be cowed by such harsh remarks, the star decided to confront her detractors head-on.

Rexha shared a screenshot revealing how her name was often associated with the term 'fat' in internet searches. Along with this, she posted a picture of herself in workout gear, proudly flaunting her stomach. "Yes, I’m in my fat era and what?" Rexha boldly declared, embracing the so-called "criticism" with audacious self-assurance.

Public Perception and Personal Impact

Rexha is no stranger to such superficial critique. She has previously been the target of weight-related comments and had responded forthrightly to questions about her body size.

In a candid conversation with singer and talk show host, Jennifer Hudson, Rexha opened up about the effect of such public scrutiny. "Listen, we're in the public eye, so that's bound to happen," she said. However, she stressed the importance of maintaining positivity and focusing on extending love and understanding to others.

Rexha admitted to gaining weight recently, a change she attributed to her diagnosis with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that can significantly impact a woman's weight. "I was a lot thinner and I did gain some weight — that comes with the territory,” she acknowledged.

"But when you see things like that, it does mess with you." Rexha's confession sheds light on the immense pressure and emotional turmoil celebrities often face due to their constant exposure. She also underscored the fundamental issue of understanding the underlying health conditions that might contribute to one's physical changes.

"You don't know what somebody's going through in their life, so it kind of is tough," she said. Rexha ended on an emphatic note, expressing her disdain for weight-focused conversations. "But I feel like we're in 2023 ...

we should not be talking about people's weight,” she stated, turning the spotlight onto a more compassionate, body-positive society.

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