Eva Longoria Talks About Her 'Inseparable' Friendship With Victoria Beckham

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Eva Longoria Talks About Her 'Inseparable' Friendship With Victoria Beckham
Eva Longoria Talks About Her 'Inseparable' Friendship With Victoria Beckham

Eva Longoria, renowned actress and philanthropist, recently gave an intimate glimpse into her deep-rooted friendship with famed fashion designer Victoria Beckham. In a recent interview with The Times magazine, she spoke about their unshakeable bond, unveiling a side of Beckham that remains largely unknown to the public.

Victoria Beckham: The Unsung Humorist and Loyal Ally

Contrary to the more reserved public image she projects, Beckham is characterized by Longoria as "funny and charming and smart." She divulged, "I wish people knew how funny and charming and smart Victoria is.

She's the funniest person. I think she's an introvert, but she's an extrovert with me. We are inseparable." Their bond extends beyond the public sphere and the glamour of Hollywood, rooted deeply in their shared private moments.

"We have sleepovers all the time, mostly at their farmhouse or in London. We usually just blab all night," Longoria shared candidly. The foundation of this friendship goes back to when Longoria was married to French basketball player Tony Parker, a close acquaintance of Victoria's husband, David Beckham.

The two couples would spend quality time together during the Beckhams' residency in Los Angeles. Despite Longoria's subsequent separation from Parker in 2013, the friendship between the two women remained untouched.

A Friendship Sealed with a Wedding Dress

This enduring camaraderie was beautifully highlighted when Beckham, with her unparalleled fashion acumen, designed Longoria's wedding dress for her 2016 nuptials to José Bastón.

More than just designing the dress, Beckham played an integral role in ensuring that every detail was perfect on her friend's big day. "'She did my civil outfit, my wedding dress, and the after-party dress,' Eva said. 'She brought everything — I mean, she literally carried it with her.

Put it on me, buckled my shoes because I couldn't bend down, zipped up my dress when I got drunk. She was like, "I know my role." She is that best friend.' " This anecdote further emphasizes Beckham's qualities as an extremely loyal friend.

According to Longoria, Beckham is always there when needed, "There's never a moment I can't call her, that she's not available, that she's not flying to see me, or I'm flying to see her. Or I'm raiding her closet. She gives me motherly advice and business advice."

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