Jared Leto Believes a Tearful Movie Role Led to His 17-Year Dry Spell

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Jared Leto Believes a Tearful Movie Role Led to His 17-Year Dry Spell
Jared Leto Believes a Tearful Movie Role Led to His 17-Year Dry Spell

Jared Leto, the acclaimed actor and musician, recently made a startling revelation during a media interaction. The Academy Award winner has not shed a tear for nearly two decades, a fact that he playfully correlates to the tearful days he spent while shooting the movie 'Requiem for a Dream' in 2000.

'A Lizard's Emotional Reservoir'

"I haven't cried in about 17 years; the last time was because I stubbed my toe," Leto revealed, provoking an air of surprise among his listeners. When asked about the possible reasons, he playfully responded: "I'm just like a lizard.

I don't think my tear ducts work properly." Humor aside, he wondered if his unending crying during the filming of the heart-wrenching movie 'Requiem for a Dream' might have drained his emotional reservoir. Leto portrayed the tragically doomed heroin addict Harry Goldfarb in the film, sharing the screen with renowned actors Ellen Burstyn, Christopher McDonald, Marlon Wayans, and Jennifer Connelly.

A Scene Steeped in Genuine Grief

Leto opened up about an emotionally intense memory during the filming of 'Requiem for a Dream.' "A wild thing about that film is I remember I had a scene, and I was supposed to be very emotional, and then literally when they shot my close-up, I got a call," Leto reminisced.

The call was to inform him that one of his best friends had been tragically shot in the head. The news hit him hard, but the emotion he felt in that moment also served as a brutal reminder of his commitment to authenticity in his craft.

He further confessed his acting limitations, as he found the genuine grief he experienced in that moment was far beyond anything he had been able to portray in the scene. "I realized what a bad actor I was because it didn't really touch anything that I'd done in this scene," he admitted.

The genuine emotion stirred him to revisit the scene, asking for another take. The retake included a portion of his genuine reaction to the devastating news, giving the audience a glimpse of raw emotion. "I shared a little bit of that in the scene, and that's what's in the movie when I'm talking on the phone.

So in a way, you know, my friend lives in that scene," Leto concluded, adding a touch of immortality to his friend's memory.

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