Magic Johnson's Son Unfazed Despite Transgender Criticism

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Magic Johnson's Son Unfazed Despite Transgender Criticism
Magic Johnson's Son Unfazed Despite Transgender Criticism

In a world that often adheres rigidly to conventional norms, stepping outside the status quo can be a daunting endeavor. EJ Johnson, the son of basketball icon Magic Johnson, has been turning heads with his bold self-expression, unafraid to live on his own terms and set his own fashion rules.

Dressing Against The Grain

Photographers recently captured EJ's unique style on the streets of Los Angeles. His distinctive ensemble, which included a black top, denim shorts, a lace cape, and cowgirl boots, garnered a fair share of attention.

While his daring fashion choices might provoke criticism from some, EJ appears undeterred by any negative commentary. In a recent interview with E! News, EJ offered a personal and profound perspective on his self-expression. "I always say that if you feel like you're not in the right body, then, by all means, get to where you want to be; I don't feel that I'm in the wrong body," he affirmed, "I feel like this is the body I'm supposed to be in.

… I don't feel the need to transition. I'm almost 100 percent positive I won't. I'm just very comfortable in my own skin. I like my body." His comments underscore his comfort in navigating the fluidity of his gender expression, rejecting rigid binaries.

EJ added, “I can be [masculine], I can be [feminine]. I can do whatever I want with it and work with it. If I want to [dress in drag], then I’ll do that. But I don’t want to do that all the time”.

Embracing Selfhood Early

EJ's journey towards self-discovery began at a young age.

He publicly came out as transgender at the age of 13, and he has been redefining societal expectations ever since. Throughout his journey, his family's unwavering support has been a cornerstone. Magic Johnson, in particular, has been vocal about the responsibility of parents to love and support their children unconditionally, irrespective of their identities.

“[I] believe that it is the job of every parent to love their child as they are, no matter what,” Magic once said. These powerful words resonate with the experiences of many individuals seeking acceptance.