Benedict Cumberbatch and his family attacked in their own house!


Benedict Cumberbatch and his family attacked in their own house!
Benedict Cumberbatch and his family attacked in their own house!

Benedict Cumberbatch, best known for playing Sherlock Holmes in the television series and film 'The Imitation Game,' is experiencing the worst possible scenario these days, when he is fearing for his own life and for those who love him dearly.

During the time the actor and his family were inside the star's home, the former chef broke in and carried out a knife attack on that house while the star and his family were inside. A terrifying series of threats were uttered by Bissell after he cracked open the iron gate and opened the front garden doors of the actor's house in North London, ripped off the intercom from the wall and broke through the gate.

In a loud voice, he said: 'I know you moved here, I hope it burns down!'

Threatening: Bissell's DNA

In the case of the family, a former chef who had worked at a five-star hotel in Mayfair threatened them with a fish knife and the family was terrified.

There is a family unit involved in the incident, namely an actor who lives in the house with Sophie Hunter and their three little children who are traumatized as a result. According to a source close to Benedict and Sophie, they have had many sleepless nights since their attackers targeted them.

On top of apprehension that they might be targeted again, Benedict and Sophie were also targeted by the attackers themselves. When the police found Bissell's DNA at the scene, they were able to arrest him after he fled the scene.

According to court proceedings, Cumberbatch admitted his crime, was fined £250, and has been banned from approaching the Cumberbatch family and the area in which they live for three years. The attacker, before he arrived at Cumberbatch's house, was seen buying pitta bread from a nearby store and was seen shouting to the storekeeper that he was going to do more damage to his home by burning it to the ground as a warning to the residents. Truly, a gruesome scene that will certainly leave trauma on all of them, especially on the children.