Tina Turner's daughter-in-law revealed what Tina's biggest fear was

Afida Turner also had problems in her marriage with Tina Turner's son

by Sead Dedovic
Tina Turner's daughter-in-law revealed what Tina's biggest fear was

The days following Tina Turner's death, a number of stories appeared about her life and the difficult moments she experienced. The greatest fear of Tina Turner was revealed by her daughter-in-law, Afida Turner. Afida Turner was the wife of Ronnie Turner.

Sadly, Ronnie passed away in December of last year as a result of colon cancer. In an interview with the media, Afida spoke about her marriage to Ronnie. What is most interesting is what type of fear Tina had toward Ronnie, because this was what many people were most curious about.

Namely, the popular singer was afraid that Ronnie would not become like his father Ike, who abused Tina for many years. Afida Turner was married to Ronnie for 16 years. In an interview with the British media, she confirmed that the popular singer warned her several times about Ronnie and that she should not stay with him, considering that Tuna thought he would become like his father.

Afida on Ronnie

Ike Turner, Ronnie's father, died in 2007. The cause of his death was an overdose. In the course of her marriage to him, Tina Turner had to live through a real hell. It was Ike who abused her, and Tina spoke many times about the consequences of Ike's abuse after everything that happened.

The popular singer even tried to commit suicide in the 60s after being abused by Ike. Fortunately, she survived. In an interview with the media, Afida confirmed that Ronnie had similar behavior as his father, but she found a way to stop him from doing so.

"At first he was just like his father, but then he improved. He tried to keep me. In the beginning it was very difficult for him because I didn't want to be with him anymore." - said Afida. Ronnie also had problems with various vices: from alcohol to drugs. However, Afida was the one who changed his life and he decided to stop it because of her.

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