Kelly Clarkson talks about the reasons she is moving her talk show to New York


Kelly Clarkson talks about the reasons she is moving her talk show to New York

After four seasons in Los Angeles, Kelly Clarkson announces her upcoming move to New York City for her daytime talk show. In a recent interview with TalkShopLive, she shared with us the reasons behind the decision she made.

One of the main reasons for Kelly making such a move was her desire to be closer to her parents and friends, and that wasn't the only reason behind her decision to move away. “I talked to them because I was like, ‘Guys, I need you to know what’s happening.

It’s either I’m not going to be able to continue the show or I gotta go East Coast,” she recalled. “Covid, pointed out [that] being isolated and so far from your family… that’s not good for anyone.

And my family is East Coast, they’re North Carolina based. So it was one of those things where I just had to… and also there was a lot of personal things going on, too”. - she said, as quoted by

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There was no doubt in Kelly's mind that such a change was essential for her.

She wished to make a few changes in her life that will make it easier for her to live a more fulfilling life. According to Clarkson, she enjoys her job very much and she loves everything about it. In spite of this, she wanted them to fulfill a request that would help her in a particular way.

"Move was 100 percent my idea and it was really cool that NBC backed me because I was like, ‘Y’all, I love doing this show. I really do. I didn’t even know I would but I gotta make a change for me and my family.

Any chance we could do this? I know we can’t do this from my ranch so any chance we could do it in New York [because] it’s at least closer to my family.’ That was really the main reason”.

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