Kim Kardashian on breaking up with Pete Davidson

"We just had talks and talks, we had been talking about it,"

by Sead Dedovic
Kim Kardashian on breaking up with Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and her love life are always a fascinating topic. After the divorce between her and Kayne West, Kim decided to continue her life and look for new happiness in love. The choice fell to Pete Davidson. The news of their relationship became the main topic of the media.

Unfortunately, this relationship did not last long, and after a year, Kim and Pete broke up. During the season three premiere of The Kardashians, Kim talked about the breakup with Davidson and what was the reason for it all.

"Breakups are just not my thing...I'm proud of myself."- Kim said. "We just had talks and talks, we had been talking about it," Kim continued. "So it was both of us just communicating really well about it. It's obviously sad." After the divorce and after learning that Kim was in a relationship with Pete Davidson, Kanye West used harsh words and often insulted the couple.

Kim Kardashian understands him and understands that it was difficult for him in those moments. "There was a lot of guilt," Kim said. "He went through a lot because of my relationship."

Kim Kardashian on her future

Kim Kardashian seems to have a bit of fear about her future and finding a new partner.

She is not optimistic because she believes that it will be increasingly difficult for her to find the right partner who is ready to be in a relationship/marriage with her and take care of her four children from her previous marriage.

However, Kim does not want to think too much about it and wants to let life go in the direction it should. "I go back and forth in my feelings sometimes like, 'Uh, who's ever gonna wanna date me? I have four kids, I'm in my 40s, you know? Like, oh my god, who's gonna wanna deal with the drams?'" Kim said.

"But my person will be like, 'F--k all of that, it's gonna be hard but we're together and we're gonna do this.' So I'm just waiting for that person."

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