Kim Kardashian on previous relationships, marriage and 'different' views


Kim Kardashian on previous relationships, marriage and 'different' views

It was no secret that Kim Kardashian, her marriage to Kanye West, as well as the divorce, were some of the main topics of the media for a long time. In truth, the fact remains that they will never be able to escape being the subject of the media.

On the "On Purpose" podcast hosted by Jay Shetty, Kim Kardashian recently discussed her previous relationships and marriages, along with the difficulties that she faced with her previous partners as a guest on the podcast.

Kim did not want to say who it was, but it can be guessed that it is Kanye West. From the very beginning, she emphasized that different understandings of the world lead to divorce and breakups. "You can’t force your beliefs and project that on someone that thinks something totally different,”-Kim Kardashian said as quoted by

Kim Kardashian: You can’t really force things upon other people

According to Kim Kardashian, we shouldn't spend our time trying to explain our point of view to people who simply do not understand it.

It is necessary to find people with whom we agree and have the same views. It is obvious that Kim does not want a half-relationship. Her desire is to meet and have someone with whom she can do everything. “It’s OK to realize that this life is so short, and you should go and find the people that do align with what you really believe in.

You can’t really force things upon other people,” she continued. “You can’t expect them to be where you’re at [and] at your level”. It will be interesting to see whether Kim will be happier in the future with her relationships and with a possible marriage.

She was not particularly lucky even after her divorce from Kanye West, considering her relationship with Pete Davidson lasted a year.

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