Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson Expecting Third Child

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Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson Expecting Third Child
Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson Expecting Third Child

In a surprising revelation on her Instagram profile, Carrie Johnson, the wife of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, shared delightful news with her followers—the couple is expecting their third child. Keeping the joyous news concealed from the public until now, Carrie chose this platform to announce that the arrival of their bundle of joy is imminent, with the due date set for next month.

Carrie Johnson Announces Third Child

Accompanied by captivating photographs, the first snapshot captures Carrie in the embrace of her adorable son, Wilf, aged three, and her charming daughter, Romy, just one year old. The second image, equally enchanting, showcases Carrie's pregnant belly being gently touched by the tiny hand of a child—a heartwarming moment of connection and anticipation.

Reflecting upon her pregnancy journey, Carrie expressed, "I’ve felt pretty exhausted for much of the last 8 months but we can’t wait to meet this little one. Wilf is v excited about being a big brother again and has been chattering about it nonstop.

Don’t think Romy has a clue what’s coming…She soon will!"

Wilf is eagerly embracing the role of a big brother once again, eagerly discussing it without pause.

As for Romy, she may be oblivious to the impending arrival now, but the revelation will soon dawn upon her!" Carrie, at the age of 35, shared these sentiments alongside the heartfelt post.

Boris Johnson's Journey of Fatherhood

While this joyous occasion marks Carrie's third child, it astonishingly marks the eighth child for the former British prime minister.

Boris Johnson embarked on his matrimonial journey in 1987, tying the knot with Allegra Mostyn-Owen, whom he encountered during his time as a student at Oxford University. Regrettably, their union met an untimely demise in 1993, following the revelation of Johnson's extramarital affair with his childhood friend, Marina Wheeler.

Subsequently, Johnson married Marina in 1993, but their union ultimately concluded in 2018. From their union, two daughters, Lara Lettice and Cassia Peaches, as well as two sons, Mila Arthur and Theodor Apollo, were bestowed upon them.

Additionally, the former prime minister fathered a child with art advisor Helen Macintyre, expanding his family further.


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