Miley Cyrus: Her love life and new relationship


Miley Cyrus: Her love life and new relationship
Miley Cyrus: Her love life and new relationship

There is always something about Miley Cyrus that attracts attention. In this case, she did it by appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine. Her interview with this prestigious magazine was filled with a lot of information that she had to share.

There has been a lot of attention paid to her marriage to Hemsworth in the past few years. The couple's marriage was marked by a lot of changes. Cyrus seems happy with the story she's been a part of. "I would not delete my story nor would I want my story to be deleted.

An interesting life creates interesting stories," said Cyrus. The couple began dating 14 years ago, to be precise, in 2009. In the process of filming the movie The Last Song, this couple met each other. In the course of their relationship, many controversies were raised.


This young couple decided to get married in 2018, but their marriage didn't last long, and they chose to end their marriage just two years after they got married. At the time, Cyrus was very quiet, and she did not want to talk much about her marriage during that period.

It is clear, however, that Cyrus is still experiencing certain emotions in her new songs. The line in her song 'Flowers' is particularly interesting, in which she says: We were right 'til we weren't / Built a home and watched it burn, considering that she and Liam lost their house 5 years ago after a fire.

"I never tried to deceive my fans with the lyrics in the songs. The lyrics speak for themselves. " - said Miley It didn't take long for new rumors about her love life, considering she was linked with Lilly Maxx Moranda. Cyrus doesn't want to talk much about it this time.

"They put us together blindly. In fact, it was blind on my part, he knew who he was with. I said then, the worst thing that can happen is that I get up and leave the date."- Cyrus said.

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