An insider revealed details about Kim Kardashian and her dating life


An insider revealed details about Kim Kardashian and her dating life
An insider revealed details about Kim Kardashian and her dating life

There can be no doubt that Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities in the world right now and that she attracts a lot of attention with her appearance. There hasn't been a lot of information about her personal life and her love life lately.

A few details about Kardashian were revealed in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight by one of the insiders of the magazine. A source close to Kim revealed that she is currently open to meeting new people, and is ready to jump into a new relationship at this time.

There is no doubt that Kardashian is looking for someone who will be her biggest support and her biggest ally in the future. "Kim is feeling great, and she is ready, open, and excited about dating in general and the potential of finding a forever partner one day.

”- the insider told, as quoted by

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Kim and Tom Brady, as well as the fact that they are in a relationship. It seems that there is not much truth in that, but it is inevitable that the two have been in contact lately, as the insider confirmed.

"He set her up with a few places to look at and she came over [and] they did dinner,” the insider told."She's known him for a few years, not close or anything much but through her previous ex Reggie [Bush], but this year they have started to chat”.

The first contact between Kim and Brady was when Kanye West angrily said that Kim should marry Tom. Afterward, Kim apologized to the famous NFL player. Not long after, Brady left a comment on Kanye West's Instagram post "The [Instagram] chats started from there - then they moved to phone chatting...

she’s saying just friends but there is a spark," the insider said We will see in the future if there is any truth in everything.

Kim Kardashian

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