Famous comedian, Andy Smart dies at 63


Famous comedian, Andy Smart dies at 63
Famous comedian, Andy Smart dies at 63

Famous comedian Andy Smart died two days ago. He was 63 years old at his death. The daughter of Andy's, Grace, informed her fans and friends via Twitter that her father, Andy, had passed away. There is no doubt that Andy Smart made a big impact on the comedy scene throughout his lifetime and made many people laugh throughout his career.

He was a man with an open heart and a positive attitude towards life. Spontaneous, always smiling, positive. It is for this reason that he delighted everyone and made their days a little brighter. "Hi this is Grace, Andy's daughter, I'm very sorry to let you all know that dad passed away unexpectedly last night," she wrote on Twitter.

"He had so many friends and such a great life. Raise a glass for him. G x."

Message of condolences

The Comedy Store London expressed their shock on Twitter after Andy's death. "This has hit us all very hard," The Comedy Store posted on Twitter.

"We send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and fellow Players." Dara Ó Briain expressed his great sadness at Andy's death. "That is such terrible news," -Dara Ó Briain wrote. "I'm so sorry to hear that.

Condolences to Andy's family and friends; he was such a force for joy, and will be sorely missed." Eddie Izzard emphasized that Andy will be missed by everyone. "Very sorry to hear this Grace. Andy was a very funny man and a great improviser.

His talent will be missed." In a message of condolences, Kevin Bridges recalled his time with Andy. "Loved all the time I spent with him at comedy festivals over the years," he wrote. "Thoughts with you all Grace." Matt Lucas expressed his condolences to the family and emphasized how positive and great a person Andy was.

"Dear Grace, I am so sorry to hear your news," he wrote. "Your father was always so kind and friendly. I last saw him when we did a podcast together and he was as generous and as hilarious as ever. My thoughts are with you xxx Matt."