Bush Hager on Mother's Day gifts and 'low' expectations


Bush Hager on Mother's Day gifts and 'low' expectations
Bush Hager on Mother's Day gifts and 'low' expectations

"Today with Hoda and Jenna" featured Jenna Bush Hager discussing the Mother's Day holiday and the expectations that mothers have pertaining to this special day. Throughout the interview, Hager made it clear that she does not have high expectations, and is grateful for the gifts she received from her children and husband.

Mother's day is a holiday in which we need and must display our love for our moms for all they have done for us, as well as the love that they gave to us while growing up during those years. The importance of Mother's Day cannot be overstated, since our moms are true heroes in our lives.

“You never know how Mother’s Day is going to go. You have to have low expectations and then you’re just grateful you get to enjoy it,” -Bush Hager said, as quoted by pagesix.com “The kids cut me some flowers, which I thought was really sweet.

Henry got me some Mexican food for dinner, which I love. And then Henry was like, ‘Who wants to say a toast for mommy?’”- she continued.

Bush Hager on her daughter

During the interview, Bush Hager also spoke about her daughter, Mila, in addition to her reaction to Mother's Day.

Mila seems to have been less concerned with delighting her mother than she used to be “Mila’s like, ‘Meh, Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.’ Nobody really wanted to, which is fine,”- Bush Hager said.

“Poppy actually said a beautiful prayer. She was like, ‘The moment you were born, changed my life.’ Which is true,” -she continued. However, she is happy and satisfied about Mother's Day and emphasized once again that she does not have high expectations.

Hager is aware that everyone is occupied with their own problems, and that sometimes it is difficult to show the true self. “It can be complicated,” -Bush Hager said. “So maybe just find the joy in it”.