Graham Norton on alcohol and drug use


Graham Norton on alcohol and drug use

There was no doubt that Graham Norton, host, actor, and Eurovision commentator, attracted a great deal of attention to himself. As a result of his great show with many famous celebrities, Norton has a great deal of popularity in Britain.

It is relatively unknown to some that Norton lives an interesting 'behind the scenes' life that is somewhat hidden from the public eye. The thing about Norton is that he is known for using drugs and experimenting with them; however, it seems like he likes alcohol a lot more than drugs.

"Drugs have, of course, crossed my path from time to time, but for me it has always been about the bottle. It helped me to fit in. Even now when I walk into some showbiz bash, I feel a rush of teenage fear and insecurity. Where's the waiter with the tray? Find him and then let the small talk begin!

"- Norton said.

Graham Norton and alcohol: I still allow myself only one glass of wine

Given that Norton is also often stressed and under a lot of tension, it makes sense that he used alcohol to cope. A little bit of alcohol gives him the strength to deal with what is going on, and it also brings out his 'real' self.

"I became very good at disguising my drinking and hangovers - or so I thought." One glass of wine is his tradition that he has used for years. Such a combination allows him to be better, and Norton does not want to stop doing that.

"More than 30 years later, I still allow myself only one glass of wine on my chat show. Most weeks it never comes close to being finished and even back in the early Nineties, when I had drifted into stand-up comedy, doing the rounds in the pubs and clubs, I kept to the one-glass rule." He is a person who has enormous respect from everyone and has been a well-known face on the TV screen for a long time. His career is truly special.

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