Padma Lakshmi on 'Top Chef' challenges and her calorie intake


Padma Lakshmi on 'Top Chef' challenges and her calorie intake

As part of her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Padma Lakshmi discussed various topics from both her career and personal life during her appearance. The thing that caught the attention of many was the fact that Lakshmi had been invited by Sports Illustrated to pose in a bikini for the magazine.

Upon finding out about everything, Lakshmi was so excited that she was bursting with energy. “I did not believe the news on the phone, and then I started freaking out, I’m like, ‘I gotta go to the gym, oh, my God.

Luckily I was already hitting the gym pretty hard because it had been just a month since I just got home from filming ‘Top Chef.’”- she said, as quoted by Of course, "Top Chef" was an indispensable topic.

Lakshmi also revealed how many calories she ate per day during the show. “First half of the season when we have a lot of contestants, eight or nine thousand calories a day … easily,” Lakshmi said

Padma Lakshmi talks about the show and calories

When you are part of such a show, it is difficult not to consume so many calories.

A few months ago, Lakshmi spoke about the challenges during the show.
"When filming ‘Top Chef,’ I consume about 5,000 to 8,000 calories a day. We start with anywhere from 15 to 18 contestants, and I have to take a bite or two from each of their plates to adequately judge each dish.

Every day. It adds up. I typically gain anywhere from 10 to 17 pounds every season. Once I get home, what’s taken me six weeks to gain takes me 12 weeks to take off”. Lakshmi's daughter watched all this and learned some things.

“Recently, I realized my daughter, who is 7, has been listening to me talk about my weight,” she wrote at the time. “She’s noticed, and suddenly she’s told me and others in our circle, ‘I don’t want to eat because I’m watching my figure,’ or, ‘I weigh too much.’ I wasn’t thinking anything of the sort when I was 7 or 10 or even 13”.