"Britain's Got Talent" Goes Slimy: Simon Cowell Gets Pranked


"Britain's Got Talent" Goes Slimy: Simon Cowell Gets Pranked

The recent episode of the popular talent show in Britain saw an array of remarkable contestants who entertained both the judges and the audience. However, things took a different turn when a certain mascot named Mr. Blobby came onto the stage.

Mr. Blobby Brings Simon Cowell On Stage

Mr. Blobby, the mischievous performer, brought infamous judge Simon Cowell onto the stage and placed him in a box with the intention of making him disappear. The audience and judges alike were curious about what was about to unfold.

Slime Shocks the Audience

As Mr. Blobby opened and closed the box, Cowell remained inside. However, before Mr. Blobby could close the box again, pink slime started spilling from the top of the box, leaving the audience and judges stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter.

Cowell, on the other hand, was not amused and told the mascot to keep away from him. Despite the audience's pleas for the performer to continue, the judges ultimately decided to disqualify Mr. Blobby from the competition.

Slimy End to the Show

A few moments later, a slime-covered Simon Cowell chased after his colleagues, followed by a contestant who ran backstage.

The hosts eventually gave in to the "slimy" request for a group hug.

Fans Speculate on Mr. Blobby's Identity

Following the episode, fans took to social media to speculate on the identity of the person behind the Mr. Blobby costume.

Some fans guessed that it was David Walliams, while others thought it could be Stephen Mulhern. Stephen Mulhern himself added fuel to the speculation when he tweeted a gif of a Mr. Blobby costume, writing "Blobby, Blobby!!" His tweet led some fans to believe that it was indeed him behind the costume, though he has yet to confirm or deny the rumors.

"I knew it was you," said one person in response to his post. Another commented: "Called it". Whilst a third person responded to Stephen: "I bloody knew it was you". A recent's episode of "Britain's Got Talent" saw a surprising turn of events with Simon Cowell getting slimed by Mr.

Blobby. The identity of the performer behind the costume remains a mystery, but fans are having a field day speculating on who it could be.

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