The Surprising Travel Must-Haves of King Charles III


The Surprising Travel Must-Haves of King Charles III
The Surprising Travel Must-Haves of King Charles III

The world is full of travelers, each with their own quirks and peculiarities when it comes to packing and preparing for a trip. But when King Charles III sets out on his travels, he brings with him a set of unique and fascinating items.

Travel Habits of the Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth II, Charles' mother, holds the record as the world's most well-traveled monarch, having visited 120 countries during her reign. It is estimated that she covered the distance equivalent to 42 trips around the world.

While it remains to be seen if King Charles III will break his mother's record during his time as king, one thing is for certain: like Queen Elizabeth, he will be traveling without a passport. After all, all future British passports will be issued in his name.

The King's Travel Must-Haves

According to German TV station MDR, referencing the king's biographer Tina Brown, King Charles has a list of items that he always brings with him on his travels. This includes his personal toilet seat, which he brings with him on shorter trips within the United Kingdom.

He is also particular about his toilet paper, reportedly insisting on a specific brand of extra-soft tissue. The king's bathroom is always equipped by his personal staff when he travels.

Orthopedic Beds and Personal Belongings

Tina Brown also revealed that King Charles insists on having his personal orthopedic bed, not just any ordinary bed, with him when he travels.

In an interview with the British tabloid Daily Mail, Brown stated: “When he traveled to stay at friends’ country houses, a truck arrived the day before, bringing his bed, furniture, and even pictures, which his pampering aide Michael Fawcett ensured would be hung in his allotted bedroom in place of the possessions of the host”.

When asked if the bed was a king-size bed, Charles, during his last visit to Vienna, replied "What a ridiculous question." The king is said to have very specific ideas about how he wants to sleep, and has been known to make changes to the decoration and furnishings of his guest rooms.

He is reportedly fond of landscape paintings and has been known to pack his own art supplies. He is also an art lover and is said to always travel with an artist who captures the impressions of his travels.

Blood Reservoirs and Breakfast Boxes

Former palace employee Dickie Arbiter spilled the beans on the king's travel habits in the podcast "Hello!

A Right Royal Podcast". Arbiter revealed that the king always travels with blood reserves, which is not surprising as Queen Elizabeth also had blood reserves on hand for medical emergencies. This is also a common practice among US presidents.

The English Mirror newspaper reported that King Charles always travels with his own "breakfast box," which contains organic products of his own choosing. He also reportedly insists that his shoelaces be ironed, and his pajamas be wrinkle-free.

When it comes to eating habits, King Charles is said to choose his menu in advance of his trip, according to Tina Brown. His favorite dish, as reported by the Clarence House (his official residence as Prince of Wales in London), is "Cheesy Baked Eggs" – a dish made of spinach, tomatoes, eggs, topped with whipped cream and plenty of cheese.

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