Emily Ratajkowski wants to date a woman


Emily Ratajkowski wants to date a woman

Emily Ratajkowski is a person we don't need to say much about. She has gained immense popularity in the last few years and still captures the attention of many. Her life is the subject of many tabloids and magazines. In an interview for HommeGirls Volume 9, Ratajkowski spoke openly about her life and plans.

Emily revealed that she would like to go on a date with a woman, thus confirming her bisexuality. “I would love to. Waiting for the right one to come along. I’ve always been someone who’s more attracted to vibe than specifics of physicality so sometimes it’ll just randomly hit me, and I’ll be like, ‘Whoa, I’m attracted to this person!’.

- she said, as quoted by elle.com Ratajkowski is currently single, and her ideals seem to change with the years. “I’m proud of myself [for this new era]. [The] younger version of myself would have prob settled for some mid dude just to have a bf.

Glad I’m not in that era anymore”.

Emily Ratajkowski on her privacy

Ratajkowski is a person who would like more privacy, but she is also aware that her work carries with it exactly "a lack of the same". "I would def love more privacy, but I also hate when celebrities complain about the lack thereof.

It’s definitely just part of the game... But naw, when people hate on my dating life, it’s just uncool. Let me live. I’ve been through some shit. I want to have some fun sometimes”. Emily revealed she used dating apps.

However, it only happened once and it seems that she doesn't want to do the same thing again. "I’ve only gone on one date from an app but it was with someone who I also had mutual friends with. I’m really open to meeting people whatever way! But I do think mutuals is always a nice way to vet people”.

Emily Ratajkowski