Ashley Graham Pays Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld Despite Controversial Remarks


Ashley Graham Pays Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld Despite Controversial Remarks
Ashley Graham Pays Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld Despite Controversial Remarks

The world-renowned plus-size model Ashley Graham recently made her appearance at the Met Gala, which was dedicated to honoring the late designer Karl Lagerfeld. The event saw the model and presenter sashaying down the red carpet in a breathtaking black and pink ensemble.

A Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Ashley took to Instagram to express her excitement about the show-stopping creation that she wore, designed by her new friend Harris Reed. In her post, she wrote, "Honored to wear this show-stopping creation by the brilliant, spectacular (and my new bff) @Harris_Reed, paying tribute to the iconic Karl Lagerfeld.

Together, we've created a powerful moment blending Lagerfeld's grace with Harris Reed's signature fluidity. I just feel so beautiful."

However, her post soon attracted a flurry of negative comments, with many expressing their disappointment at her choice to attend an event honoring a man who was known for making disparaging comments about women who did not fit into society's narrow definition of beauty.

Some of the comments included: "He hated curvy women," "Hypocrite of you, he hated fat women," and "You look stunning as always. But the man you’re celebrating would never have acknowledged your beauty."

Karl Lagerfeld's Controversial Remarks

It is no secret that Karl Lagerfeld was known for his controversial remarks, particularly when it came to women's bodies.

One of the most notorious incidents was when he made a disparaging comment about the appearance of the British singer Adele. Despite acknowledging that she had a "divine voice" and a "beautiful face," he declared that she was "a little too fat." This statement caused widespread outrage and many people blamed the fashion industry for promoting unrealistic beauty standards that lead to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Ashley Graham's attendance at the Met Gala honoring Karl Lagerfeld sparked a heated debate about the fashion industry's narrow definition of beauty and its impact on young girls and women. Despite the negative comments, Ashley looked stunning in her Harris Reed creation and proudly paid tribute to the late designer.

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