Eva Longoria and Jose Baston: A Love Story

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Eva Longoria and Jose Baston: A Love Story
Eva Longoria and Jose Baston: A Love Story

It is no secret that actress Eva Longoria attracts a lot of attention, and she found happiness in her third marriage at the age of forty years old. In her interviews, she never hides the fact that she feels better than ever and that Jose Baston is the one she should be with.

Patience seems to have paid off. Her husband is seven years older than her, and this is the first time the woman has been in love with someone who is older than her. During the time of her first marriage, she was married to the actor Tyler Christopher from 2002 to 2004, and after their divorce, she soon began going out with the singer Joshua Scott, who was later the love of her life.

There has been much controversy surrounding her second marriage, to basketball player Tony Parker, since it was announced. Their fairytale wedding took place in the Church of Saint German of Auxerre in the Church of Saint German of Auxerre in Paris, opposite the Louvre, after a year of dating and courting.

It was only after three years of marriage, however, that news of a divorce surfaced, allegedly because Toni had been unfaithful. Several hundred text messages sent by the NBA star to his colleague's wife, Erin Berry, have been found in the actress's phone, according to foreign media reports.

Erin Berry and Brent Berry were soon rumored to be divorcing, and new details about the fraud were revealed every day.

Jose Baston and Eva Longoria

It was several years later when she met her current husband, and in 2016 she and her husband got married.

After the first meeting, they reconnected six months after the first meeting. Throughout the years, Longoria has spoken often of how much of a caring husband he is, and how much of attention he gives to her at all times. The first marriage of Jose has resulted in children, and during his second marriage to Eva, he had a son named Santiago, who is five years old now. This couple looks very happy and we want their love to last.

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